The Golden Lala Award 2020

The Golden Lala Awards 2020 are :

Golden Lala – Diego Ratto

Silver Lala – Blare for A

Dark Lala – Bracha Bdil

Honorary mentions :

Kyle Vanderburg

Matin Habbibian

2nd Hand Beatnix

PLEROMA RECORDS already knows the winners of The Golden Lala Awards 2020. The Jury has finished work and decided to award three main prizes and three honorary mentions. The ceremony will take place online on the 29th of October at 9.00 P.M. UTC+01.

Below is the full list of entries :



Pleroma Records was proud to invite the independent music creators of all experimental electronic music genres to partcipate in our first Golden Lala Award contest. The winning entries will be chosen by an international jury: Val Denham (UK), Andreas Mathews (GER), Nick Hobbs (UK), Jerzy Mazzoll (PL) , Rafał Zapała (PL), Cezary Ostrowski (PL). The winner will receive The Golden Lala Award.

FINAL UPDATE : The Golden Lala Award ceremony and a concert will take place at the end of October 2020 online, due to CORONAVIRUS restrictions in Poland. This decision is final. Winners will be informed by e-mail and asked for a short “speech” video recording by the end of September. Keep it safe!

A total of 3 awards will be given. The Golden Lala Award, The Silver Lala Award and the Black Lala Award.

The Golden Lala Award winner will get his music CD published by Pleroma Records. All entries will be published as Pleroma Records Golden Lala Compilation on Bandcamp.

To contact us with further questions please use this e-mail:

By sending us the files you admit that you make them available according to Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Creative Commons License


Please read the following rules carefully, before you enter the contest.

  • Only MP3 files with a bitrate of 320 kbps will be accepted.
  • One file only for one participant.
  • Music on file shall be no longer than 20 minutes.
  • Name the file accordingly : (example: JohnDoe_Symphony_John-dot-Doe-at-gmail-dot-com.MP3 , for name – John Doe, title -Symphony, email –
  • You can also send a text file with the same name and txt extension, if you want to include more info about you: ( example: JohnDoe_Symphony_John-dot-Doe-at-gmail-dot-com.txt , for name – John Doe, title -Symphony, email –, but this is not obligatory.

We have met the deadline for sending files on July 1-st 2020.

The Lala Awards: Golden, Silver, Black.

Here is the list of all accepted participants:

The list is now officially closed…