Donate Pleroma

Here is a deal. We run Pleroma Records and Pleroma FM independent radio for you to be able to hear quite unique music. We do not dare saying we do it only for you. Yes, we do it for us, as well, to be able to express ourselves in the best possible way, that you may find interesting.

We try to make our music available on open licences as much as we can, so you can listen to it and/or reuse it without any cost and/or hesitation.

Some part of our work is making unique live recordings of modern and classical music available, so it does not “die” undocumented.

All of this consumes time. And money as well. Our private resources are limited and this is the place where you can help. Every penny counts. Together we can preserve sounds that would otherwise become extinct, though they are part of our culture.

We run a database of our donators, to send them free copies of our records from time to time, so please include your address while making a donation.

Be a part of Pleroma Project.