Odds and ends

Ostrowski / Devocelle – “Creatures”

  1. オリク – Oriku 2. タチ – Tachi 3. ヨ – Yo

“Creatures” is an EP with a story. Actually it tells three stories about three creatures. Cinematic, ituitive, charming.

I came upon the idea of this EP while listening to the magic sound of Roland Devocelle’s saxophone. I had three musical pieces in my mind, so I sent Roland the second piece to start with. The saxophone tracks he sent me back were astonishing. There were so many variations in them, that I decided to use them all. But I could not use them all in one piece. So I started to fiddle with them and I realized they are more than enough to serve in all three pieces. And so I did. I finalized the second piece as I should and I blended the reminding Roland’s track into two other pieces. I worked fantastically. All the pieces suddenly became synergic.

So here is how we can now present you with Ostrowski / Devocelle “CREATURES”

Cezary Ostrowski – electronica, composition, sampling

Roland Devocelle – saxophone